Leaving on a jet plane: Diplomat to return home but sans her kids

Jan 11, 2014, 09:51 IST | Agencies

Devyani Khobragade, arrested over alleged visa fraud, was formally indicted by a US grand jury and asked to leave; she was granted immunity, which may ease the diplomatic crisis that erupted between the two countries

New Delhi: Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, who was formally indicted by a US grand jury and asked to leave the US, is on her way back home, nearly a month after her arrest and strip-search for alleged visa fraud. India’s external affairs ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said that “Devyani Khobragade has been given G1 visa with full diplomatic immunity January 8” and is on her way back to India.


Khobragade’s handcuffing and strip-search on December 12 for alleged visa fraud and underpaying her child’s nanny Sangeeta Richard sparked protests in India. During the time of her arrest, Devyani was India’s deputy consul general in New York. On Thursday, the 39-year-old diplomat was formally indicted by a US grand jury.

However, prosecutors said that Khobragade was also granted immunity and that US officials had asked her to leave the country. In a statement issued after the hearing, her lawyer Daniel Arshack said Khobragade ‘is pleased to be returning to her country. Her head is held high. She knows she has done no wrong and she looks forward to assuring that the truth is known’.


The external affairs ministry, in a statement, said that “Khobragade, counsellor at the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York, was accorded on January 8, 2014 the privileges and immunities of a diplomatic envoy... At the same time, the US government requested the government of India to waive the immunity of Counsellor Khobragade.”

Khobragade reiterated her innocence on charges filed against her, and “affirmed her gratitude to the government of India, in particular to External Affairs Minister (Salman Khurshid), and the people of India, as also the media, for their strong and sustained support during this period,” the statement added. “She also affirmed her determination to ensure that the episode would not leave a lasting impact on her family, in particular, her children, who are still in the United States,” the statement said.

‘Baseless charges’
Arshack, in a statement, said Khobragade “denies the baseless charges brought by the prosecutor’s office in New York and looks forward to providing the proof that over and over, the investigators and prosecutors in this case have been sloppy and wrong. Khobragade did not make any false statements and she paid her domestic worker what she was entitled to be paid.”

“Although the domestic (Sangeeta Richard) came to work here on a short-term contact which required her to return to India at the end of her employment, as a result of the false claims and shoddy investigation, she and her family now enjoy permanent residency in the US. The investigators in this case made serious errors as result of not fully investigating the facts. We look forward to providing the evidence of their blunders,” the statement said.

Won’t back down
India-born Manhattan Attorney Preet Bharara said the charges against Khobragade would remain pending until she can be brought to court to face them, either through a waiver of immunity or her return to the US without immunity status. “We will alert the court promptly, if we learn that the defendant returns to the United States in a non-immune capacity, at which time the government will proceed to prosecute this case and prove the charges in the indictment,” he said in a letter to the court. The handcuffing and strip-search of Khobragade led to widespread outrage in India. She has denied the charges of visa fraud and underpaying her maid. Delhi ordered a series of diplomatic reprisal measures against the US, and relations between the two countries have been strained over the case.

Tit for tat: India expels US diplomat
India expelled an American diplomat involved in the Khobragade case yesterday, after she was told to fly home following her indictment by a US jury. Official sources said the US embassy was ‘asked to withdraw forthwith a US diplomat of similar rank as Khobragade’. “We have reason to believe that the officer was closely involved in the processes related to the (Khobragade case) and the subsequent unilateral action by the US side,” a source said. The US embassy could not be immediately reached for comments. The name of the expelled American diplomat is not known.

A relieved father
Uttam Khobragade, the diplomat’s father, thanked the Indian government for his daughter’s return. “It is only because of the entire Indian government’s effort, my daughter is returning to India with full diplomatic immunity,” said Uttam Khobragade. “Our family has gone through a bad phase during this time and it will be a very important day for our entire family, as we will reunite once again,” he added.

Nanny speaks up
Sangeeta Richard, the maid in middle of the diplomatic spat, in a statement said: “I never thought that things would get so bad here, that I would work so much that I did not have time to sleep or eat or have time to myself.” The statement was released by anti-trafficking group Safe Horizon. She tried to return to India because of how she’d been treated, she said, but her request was denied. “I would like to tell other domestic workers who are suffering as I did you have rights and do not let anyone exploit you,” said Richard.

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