Leaving the paintbrush behind

Sep 01, 2013, 09:51 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Tao Art Gallery's show, Beyond the Canvas, focuses on new media including bronze, metals and even bricks

Art goes beyond the canvas. It is an expression of the artist and can be expressed in many forms,” believes artist Suraj Kumar Kashi. Kashi would know. After all, he is one of the artists taking part in the group show, Beyond the Canvas currently on at Tao Art Gallery. Like the title suggests, the show is about art that goes beyond paints, brushes and canvas. Curated by Kalpana Shah and Sapna Kar, there are more than 50 works being featured in the show, by senior and upcoming artists including Satish Gujral, Sunil Padwal, Seema Kohli, Tapas Sarkar, Ali Akbar Mehta, Raghu Rai among others.

Mumbai Facades by Arzan Khambatta blends  two media of photography and sculpture

The media ranges from bronze to fibre glass, papier mache to fabric, concrete, metal and so on. Photography and video works are also being showcased. “We wanted to do a show without a single canvas around,” says Shah, “Different media of art have been used and one can see how beautifully the artists have expressed themselves through them.”

Even the themes, ranging from traditional to contemporary, create a large spectrum of options for all aesthetic sensibilities. For instance, Kashi’s installation The Golden Journey shows books on travel spilling out from a bag. “I think of life as a journey,” says the artist, “By reading books, we can get to experience others’ journeys as well as understand about different cultures and places.”

While Kashi’s installation is made of acrylic on fibre glass and bricks, Arzan Khambatta has blended two media -- photography and sculpture -- for his work Mumbai facades. “The brief given to us was to experiment with some new media and since I have been interested in photography for quite some time, I thought of bringing together my love for photography and sculptures on one platform,” says Khambatta. The Mumbai-based artiste clicked some quirky pictures of the city for the sculptures made of steel. “I think it takes a lot of guts for art galleries to experiment with shows depicting new media and more and more galleries should come up with such fresh concepts. I’m all for them,” says Khambatta.

When: Until September 10,
11 am to 7 pm
Where: Tao Art Gallery, Annie Besant Road, Worli
Call: 24918686 

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