Lenovo K900: Too big to pocket

Jul 22, 2013, 11:51 IST | Hassan M Kamal

It's hard to reject a product straightaway because it can't fit into your pockets, especially if it comes with an appealing design and performs well above its competitors. So, if size is not an issue Lenovo K900 is for you

Would you buy a car with unique styling, great interiors and a powerful engine, but is too big to fit into your garage? We wouldn’t. It’s the exact feeling, actually an excruciating one, that we felt when we gave the Lenovo K900 a workout.

The new entrant to the phablet segment, the K900 has everything we could ask for — beautiful clear display (5.5-inch screen with IPS display), modern styling (the edges are to die for), powerful processor (an Android phone powered by a 2GHz dual core Intel processor, isn’t that rare?), handful of RAM (2GB) and memory (16GB).

Front, side and back view of the Lenovo K900

A smart camera offering resolution of 13-mega pixels with dual LED Flash and a aperture that goes to F1.8 — we published some pictures taken using the K900 without any colour correction. To top it all, a shiny metal body made of stainless steel — a feature that a few modernists among us would dig even blindfolded. It felt like love at first sight. Sadly, one whose longevity is always in question.

Getting back to the excruciating pain, we felt like someone who’d be tempted to destroy his garage to fit a big car. We couldn’t help but wish if only it was a bit smaller. Yes – we are not the first to point this out, but better late than never.

The makeover in Android Jelly Bean user interface — Lenovo offers a complete new skin and icons on the K900 — enhances its appeal. It is unique, and a relief from the assembly-line-like Android phones. Still, you’ve got to have a taste for all things tacky to like this phone. So, yes, we love the K900, but it’s too big to pocket.

Available At all Lenovo stores.
Price `32,999 

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