Let Google do your work

Mar 15, 2013, 00:16 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Whether it's traffic conditions, weather updates, bus timings, match scores or a fix on your next appointment so you stick to the clock, be in the know with this new app without taking the trouble of losing time to search for it

Google Now, a new version of Google Search, now available on Android OS platform, keeps you updated regularly, on stuff you need to know — from traffic conditions, weather, places of interests, gigs or movie timings, without you making any effort to look for it. That’s right. Sit back and let Google do all the digging for you.

Google Now cards displaying bus timings and nearby spots

Why it works
So, for example, if you are around Bharatmata Cinema in Parel, the public transport card will tell you about all the buses passing through the bus stop, and their time of arrival. The traffic card tells you about the approximate time you may need to reach home or office from there; the info updates itself as per the traffic conditions. The Movie app will tell you about the next show. What’s more? It also tells you that the ITC Grand Central is within 15 minutes walking distance.

All this info is provided using cards, each offering a unique service — from fixing restaurant reservations, flight updates, train and bus timing updates, to staying connected with your interests like football and news from the stock market etc, while on the go, to helping you stay local even in a foreign location with information on places of interest, time at home, nearby photo spots, etc.

But alss...
Overall, Google Now is like your own personal assistant, but here’s the negative side of it. Using Google Now comes at the risk of putting vital personal information in the public domain. We aren’t talking about your location, but allowing Google to access everything that’s there on your phone or on the Web, from emails and personal messages on the phone, accessing Google Calendar, record audio, calling people and service providers and more. The scariest part is that it can do all that and more without your consent. Sure it’s available for free and works wonders but as a colleague said, if aliens have a stake on Google, beware they know everything about you.

Price Free
Available Google Play

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