Let the guessing games begin

Jul 30, 2012, 10:30 IST | Deepak Singh

A silent music video by Agnee gives fans a unique opportunity to decode the lyrics of the songs and win fabulous gifts

“Close your eyes now, shed your disguise now; take flight and shine now, Reveal yourself” — these are the lyrics of music band Agnee’s new single Reveal Yourself. It was uploaded on Facebook and YouTube as silent music, a unique campaign that encourages people to follow their dreams and pursue their passion.

Musicians Mohan Kannan and Kaustubh Dhawale (Koko)

The campaign was devised to encourage people to live their dream and reveal their true potential from within. Lead vocalist Mohan Kannan of Agnee says, “It is fascinating to see how this whole process has come into action. The entire campaign of Reveal Yourself is incredible and the response was more than what we had expected. We decided that we would release the music initially, and later, slowly, the lyrics. This is the first time that a song has been released as a game; I’m happy with the concept.”

The silent music of Reveal Yourself has earned us plenty of positive feedback. The online upload had a software that allowed the listener to guess the lyrics of the song. “We’ve received nearly 96,000 views till date, and the Guess-The-Lyrics game is still on,” adds Kaustubh Dhawale (Koko), a singer who is making his debut with this campaign.

The Pune-based rock band was chosen for the campaign as the organisers felt their music reflected the Punekar’s sentiment and spirit towards life. Users with maximum words revealed correctly get to win signature merchandise by Agnee.
The music band has been working on this campaign from about a month.

“You can never forget to what you got from this city. We started from Pune in 2007 and have been very successful nationally as well as internationally,” shares Mohan. Agnee is known for its music for reality TV shows as well. They have also contributed their music to Avengers, a Marvel Comic Production in 2012.

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