Let his brush talk: Vilas Nayak

Sep 29, 2011, 10:26 IST | Priyanjali Ghose

Vilas Nayak, a city painter, makes it to the finale of reality show India's Got Talent by painting Gabbar Singh in three minutes flat

Vilas Nayak, a city painter, makes it to the finale of reality show India's Got Talent by painting Gabbar Singh in three minutes flat

Can you paint a perfect picture on a five-foot long canvas in three minutes? For city-based HR professional Vilas Nayak, it comes naturally.
The 28-year-old, who has reached the finals of the reality show India's Got Talent, confesses that he is self-taught. "I started painting when I was around three years old. I don't remember how it all started. But soon the hobby turned into a passion," says Vilas, who hails from Ujire, Mangalore.

However, listening to music and painting celebrity portraits is something that Nayak got interested in after watching the art works by speed painters Danny Dent from America and BKS Varma from Bangalore.

For the last one year, Nayak has been trying to master this art and hopes his efforts will bear fruit in the final show that will be aired on October 1 on COLORS at 9 pm.

The show is judged by Dharmendra, Kirron Kher and Sonali Bendre. Sharing why he chose India Got Talent to showcase his talent, Vilas reveals, "Most talent shows nowadays are only about music and dance. But in this one you can demonstrate any form of art."  He adds that Bendre has been the most encouraging of all the judges.

Vilas calls his acrylic paints as Hues N Tunes and says that he loves drawing the portraits of famous people as his audience likes them.  According to him, music inspires the colour on canvas when he paints on stage without looking at any photographs of celebrities.

Managing a career and passion has not been easy, confesses Vilas and there is no specific time for practicing. "Speed and accuracy are the keywords for this kind of art. You cannot afford to make any mistake when you are painting on stage."

Late actor Amzad Khan's portrait as Gabbar Singh for the audition of India Got Talent, is his best work till date, says Vilas. In fact, Khan's family invited him to their home where Vilas gifted the portrait to them. He has also painted an upside down picture of Sachin Tendulkar among other celebrities.
Vilas admits that life has changed after being a part of India Got Talent but he is not sure if he would be a full time painter after this and quit his job. Thanking everyone, especially fellow Kannadigas for their support, Vilas shares, "I don't know about the future, but if I win the prize money of R 50 lakh, then I would open a

Watch Vilas perform at the finale of India's Got Talent on October 1, 9 pm on COLORS. Till September 30, you can  SMS VIL to 56882 to vote for Vilas.

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