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May 24, 2012, 07:16 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Being ciphers on the margins of the music scene, we were particularly chuffed to learn of the historic amendments to the Copyright Act, which the Lok Sabha unanimously passed this Tuesday

>> Being ciphers on the margins of the music scene, we were particularly chuffed to learn of the historic amendments to the Copyright Act, which the Lok Sabha unanimously passed this Tuesday. For those who came in late, the Bill ensures that the authors of a musical composition are recognised as its copyright owners.

Until now, the practice has been that producers (read record companies) pocketed the royalties while some of the country’s greatest musicians like Bismillah Khan died in penury.

Sonu Nigam

The masterly Shubha Mudgal who spoke to us about the Act said, “Though, this is not a magic wand that will redress all the issues musicians face I am proud on two counts: that it’s a sensitive Bill that’s not only about money grabbing for the artistes but takes into consideration such matters as publishing music in Braille for visually challenged people without royalties.

Shubha Mudgal

Also, the fact that both Houses of Parliament came together to agree on such a thing in itself is a matter of pride! I never thought I’d see it come through in my lifetime,” she said.

Singer, song producer AR Rahman

The petitioners for this Bill cut across all genres and saw the likes of the late Jagjit Singh, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ehsaan Noorani, AR Rahman, and Sonu Nigam. So what about a party to celebrate the good news? “It’s too early to say,” Mudgal replied. “But considering the artists involved, I’m pretty certain there’ll be a nice jam session to celebrate!” We very like, we say!

Of SRK’s handstand and other hi-jinx!
>> What can you say about a 47-year-old man who does a handstand when his IPL team wins? Nothing but applaud from the sidelines! Especially when you know about his back condition.

Shah Rukh Khan celebrating after KKR’s victory

Not only did we see SRK pulling off this gravity defying act on Tuesday when KKR continued its IPL winning spree in Pune, but we learn that he whisked his special invitees like Sanjay Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Sanjay Dewan and Ritesh Sidhwani (flown down in a Pune tycoon’s jet) to a fab after match party at the Marriott. And the plans for Sunday’s game, get even bigger: another chartered plane with all his pals and this time with their wives and kids too! And now, for that win!

We were strip-searched!
>> Tele-journalist Nisha Harale Bedi who was involved in a similar incident to the Oakwood raid three years ago sent us this horrifying account: “I love to dance and I love electronic music. This incident will always leave a scar. I remember heading to a club in Andheri straight from a friend’s wedding to wish another friend on his birthday. I landed inside the club at 1.15 am to enjoy my 10-min club time before the club shut. I remember chilling in a corner enjoying the last few tracks when sharp at 1.30 am, the cops came in and raided the party. I was in total shock and so were many around me. We didn’t know what was happening.

Nisha Harale Bedi

One cop went to the DJ console, and made an announcement that the place had been raided. We were separated, not allowed to make phone calls and taken to the toilets and I remember being made to strip off all my clothes with the other girls in shock and fear. I saw girls crying, boys running around in fear. The people at this party were from good families, educated and had come to unwind, enjoy music. After they checked us they let me go after taking my details. I don’t know what happened to the others but I did hear stories of a long wait at the station and hospital, mental trauma and ill treatment. The incident never made it to the papers or news channel and I was in a way surprised and thanked my stars but at the same time, I was disgusted. The fact is... so many of us don’t even know what the rules are. When we enter a club, we assume they have their permissions in place. If alcohol permits are required where does one get them from? I don’t do drugs but how will I know if someone else does so I can leave and save myself this entire headache? It’s scary to go out anymore so I am staying home.”

Love … Calorie Free
>> Our favourite standup comic/mimic (you have to see his Marlon Brando as the Godfather take off!) Ash Chandler’s maiden outing as a Bollywood lead Love …wrinkle free will hit theatres this Friday. Set in Goa and starring the immensely talented Shernaz Patel it looks exactly the kind of film we’ll enjoy.

Ash Chandler and Shernaz Patel in Love... Wrinkle Free

Incidentally, Chandler tells us he had to pile on nine extra kilos to get under the skin of the putative ‘edible lingerie tycoon’ Savio. Obviously it didn’t interfere with his marriage plans with the lovely Junelia though, as we know the wedding went through without a hitch: “The shoot was way before the wedding and I convinced her that there was going to be more of me to love for a while!” says the newly-married actor.

Training Surgeons
>> The very eminent (and dashing) surgeon and professor Tehemton E Udwadia informs us that he has launched a training centre of excellence for Minimal Access Surgery right here in Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi that is comparable to the three or four similar centres in other parts of the world. Udwadia is recognised as having introduced Laparoscopy and Minimal Access Surgery not only to India, but also to the entire developing world.

Tehemton E Udwadia

Towards this end, the centre known as CEMAST (Center of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training) will invite senior internationally renowned laparoscopic surgeons from various specialties from across the world to teach under-graduate and post-graduate medical students and surgeons, the latest cutting edge (pun unintended) techniques in their field.

The recently launched enter of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training

Moreover, the centre, is equipped with the most modern state-of-the-art equipment as used in operation theatres for training purposes, will have courses in general surgery, gynaecology, urology, paediatric surgery and a special faculty that will help train rural surgeons to perform MAS with safety and expertise. Says Udwadia, “It is our aim to make CEMAST a training facility for improved surgical skill, safer patient care that will become a credit to India.”  

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