'Let's face it. Facebook isn't everything'

Jun 02, 2016, 06:25 IST | Dr. Love

Introducing Dr Love, who solves your relationship riddles in a confusing digital age

Q. He has unfriended me on Facebook. Does this mean he doesn't like me anymore?
A. Social media platforms tend to be taken way more seriously than they ought to, these days. Our parents didn't have access to any of them, so maybe life wasn't as complicated for them as it is for us and possibly will be for our children. As for your particular instance, why not ask him what his reason is. Maybe you had a disagreement about something; maybe he doesn't want you to see what he likes online; or maybe he's just the melodramatic type who unfriends people at the drop of a hat as a way of sending them a strong message because he's too inhibited to actually tell them how he feels. Either way, as long as he still takes your calls and spends time with you, this is hardly something to spend time obsessing over.

Q. Why won't he tell me that he loves me?
A. Maybe he's not the type of person who is open about his feelings, thanks to years of watching awful soap operas. Have you asked him about it? A lot of men tend to shy away from expressing how they feel, which doesn't necessarily mean they don't have other ways of showing it. Try and look for non-verbal cues. Does he make you a cup of tea in the morning? Give you a foot rub when you get back from work? Get you little gifts to cheer you up when you're feeling low? The little things are signs of love too, aren't they?

Q. I don't believe in love. Does this make me a bad person?
A. That depends on what your definition of love is. You probably have feelings of warmth and concern towards your parents, siblings or pets. Maybe you don't feel the same way about a member of the other sex, or towards friends. Maybe you just haven't met someone who inspires those feelings within you. Either way, this doesn't make you a bad person. In fact, it makes you perfect for a career in politics. None of our leaders appear to love anyone other than themselves either.

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