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Apr 15, 2013, 05:39 IST | Kanika Sharma

Sapna Shahani, an award-winning video blogger will conduct a workshop in Mumbai that empowers you to create a revolution or earn heaps of money

The much sought after spaces in today’s day and age are not roads, parks and pavements anymore as much as it is online space. Sapna Shahani, a video web journalist for almost a decade aims to empower you “to inspire, entertain or spark an emotional response” through the medium of a video blog. A video blog is as simple as picking up the camera (any) and chronicling / expressing / reporting content that the blogger feels essential to be conveyed.

Sapna Shahani during a workshop at St Xaviers College

A Mumbai girl, Shahani went to the US to study Communication and Theatre at San Francisco State University. She discloses, “A workshop in college introduced me to video blogging and the power it can have. In the US, there are no TV centres, so images from Iraq could not be transmitted. At that time, we were shown Alive in Baghdad, a neighbourhood-watch video showing images that had been getting censored in the mainstream media and had gone viral.” Affected and charged, Shahani came to India looking forward to trigger a movement of sorts.

She conceived of the Women Aloud Video blogging for Empowerment (WAVE) project. After selecting 50 women from all over the country, Shahani was able to encourage a pool of 200 web documentaries that went on to win at international film festivals like the International Journalism Festival (Italy) and the Stockholm Challenge and Women’s Voices Now (New York).

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Shahani shares, “Video blogging is ideal for those who are not good at writing. It is a great self-development tool where your job is to research and at the same time meet various kinds of people.” Shahani has planned an intensive short workshop of four Saturdays that will cover the script and ideation process; light and composition; editing; and lastly, a group video project.

She feels that anyone and everyone can try their hand at it, as you don’t need to be an expert. “One only needs to know story-telling. Plus if the video happens to go viral, one can earn lakhs and lakhs of money,” she concludes.

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