Let your pet smile this Diwali

Published: 30 October, 2013 10:34 IST | The Guide Team |

High-decibel noise during festivals like Diwali can be very traumatic for animals. Here are 10 tips that pet owners, animal lovers and concerned citizens can practise, to lessen the trauma for pets and street animals

>> Pledge: An end to bursting firecrackers. What sounds loud to the human ear becomes four times louder to a dog and even more to a cat, so, you can imagine how loud the sound of a Diwali firecracker is to them. Even birds abandon their nests due to fear.

>>Tag: Pet owners and street dog carers should collar and tag the dogs with their names and contact details. If they get lost, it would be easier for the finder to trace their owner/caretaker.

>>Don’t Walk: Pet owners who know that their pet is petrified of crackers should even go to the extent of not walking them outside the house during this period.

>>Give them company: Don’t leave them alone at home during Diwali. Having someone around, who they know, will lessen if not eliminate the

>>Distract: Animal behaviourists advise that pet owners should distract their pets by playing with them. Loud music that is soothing might help drown out the firecracker noise.

>>Keep Away: Don’t take or allow your pets to wander near the site where firecrackers are being burst or even near used fireworks/remnants as they retain dangerous chemicals and may be poisonous if ingested by the pets.

>>Medicate: There are Homeopathic and Bach flower remedies available to reduce the trauma faced by animals during Diwali. You can ask your homeopath/veterinarian or write to WSD at wsdindia@gmail.com for details about the remedy/dosage. Don’t self-medicate.

>>Temporary refuge and tags for street dogs: Street animals bear a huge brunt, as they are more susceptible to burn injuries due to the bombs and rockets. If it is difficult for street animal carers to give refuge to the street dogs that are petrified during Diwali, it would be good to have a temporary tag with your telephone number put on it. Street dogs cover long distances out of their territory and run helter-skelter or go into hiding. People, who notice a new dog in their area, can then call the street animal-carer because of the tag.

>>Report: Any firecracker-inflicted cruelty to animals or any lost pets wearing tags to the SPCA/animal NGOs.

>>Keep: Emergency telephone numbers of your veterinarian and animal welfare organisations handy. Here are some telephone nos of animal welfare NGOs from Mumbai and Thane.

(Check geographical area of coverage)
BSPCA: 24137518,
WSD: 64222838,
IDA: 32681418,
SOS: 9820141310,
Asha: 9820127085,
Mangal Vardhini: 65252573,

Thane SPCA: 32612344,
PAWS: 9820161114.

Information courtesy:  Abodh Aras, Welfare of Stray Dogs 

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