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Jan 31, 2014, 12:26 IST | Kanika Sharma

Dirty Talk 6.0, a celebratory roster of acts for the cause of the LGBTIQ community, is happening today and promises to be a cracker of a night with All India Backchod enthralling audiences

“The law might have regressed, but the people have actually updated themselves with time,” is a knockout of a statement, 30 year-old MJ shares, as she speaks about the event, Dirty Talk 6.0. MJ is its organiser and is also the co-founder of Gaysi, a support group for the LGBTIQ community.

The event will have a narration of a story about an HIV positive gay man’s life post SC’s ruling on IPC377, a song on the likes of Baba Ramdev and a monologue on being in denial among others 

The event aims to let the LGBTIQ (lesbian/ gay/ bisexual/ transgender/ intersexed/ questioning) population of the city express, enact and laugh out loud at an open mic night. At its sixth edition happening today, you can expect the romp to be notched a scale higher with All India Bakchod putting together a surprise riotous act. Actress Kalki Koechlin will also be putting in an appearance.

The event or platform has been on in the city since January last year and aims to be “inclusive in a fun space and sensitise non-queers”, in MJ’s words. With ten performances in tow, seven are results of callouts where anyone who was inclined to put an entertaining act together has been selected.

The remaining three acts are usually done by known faces like the group of stand-up comic artistes — All Indian Bakchod (AIB). “We are very glad to get AIB as they are known to take up social causes such as the Delhi rape case and then the Imran Khan Queer video. Also, it is a fundraiser for the Queer Azadi camp fund,” informs MJ.

Quiz her about the Supreme Court and MJ observes that it’s impact on queers has been contrary.

With singing, monologues, poetry readings and stand-up acts, it’s time the boundaries disappeared, especially as MJ admits, the event does see a lot of straight people in attendance.

ON January 31
At: Three Wise Men, Santacruz (W).
LOG ON TO: www.facebook.com/events/636811419708353/?fref=ts

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