LG's latest curved G Flex smartphone self heals after being scratched

Nov 21, 2013, 15:04 IST | ANI

LG's latest G Flex curved smartphone was touted to be coated with a 'self-healing' material when it was unveiled, but only recently someone has actually tried to test the said claims

In YouTube personality / video producer Marques Brownlee reportedly tested the device to check for its ‘self-healing’ coating with a number of tests, including scratching the smartphone with a knife.

LG Electronics launched its new smartphone "G-Flex" which uses flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen technology to feature a curved 6-inch display. Pic: AFP

According to The Verge, in the first test, Brownlee uses a set of keys to mark scratches on the G Flex, which are essentially ‘healed’ with the marks almost invisible to the naked eye.

However, when he carves out a deeper scratch using a knife, the device ‘half heals’ them, making the scratches appear far less visible than it would on a regular phone.

Brownlee explained that LG’s own promotional clip for the ‘self-healing’ coating wasn’t a sound theory for why the results weren’t perfect, as it was filmed in a controlled temperature environment with a thermostat set to 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

He further said that the ‘self-healing’ coating isn’t as effective in cooler climates and may not work exactly as advertised, yet it appears as a positive step towards the everyday durability of smartphones, the report added.

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