Leading textile company blends textile and technology to create 3D rug

Jun 11, 2017, 14:06 IST | Kusumita Das

Imagine the illustrations on a rug come alive, in 3D, and interact with you. Your child won't delay bedtime any more

Pic/Sameer Markande
Pic/Sameer Markande

While curling up in bed with a book might be an idea that would appeal to many, what if the bed itself turned into a story book? Hinging on this rather ambitious premise, the creators of SpinTales set out to make the world's first augmented reality linen. From the house of WelSpun, India's leading textile empire, the products - a duvet and a rug - have blended textile and technology to create augmented reality home décor - to further entertainment and learning for children, besides comfort, of course. The products make use of the concept of pop-up story books to translate the same on the fabric, with the help of an interactive app.

The illustrations on the rug and the duvet form two distinct templates for the stories to unfold. The artwork on the duvet takes you back to your own childhood picture book reading days, with its detailed drawings of roads and castles and gardens in vibrant hues. If it reminds you of Walt Disney cartoons you watched as a child, there's good reason for that. The illustrations, in fact, have been done by artists, who have previously worked with the iconic banner. The products are connected to an app, called SpinTales, available on both Apple and Android devices. Once you have made the purchase, the QR code on the packaging needs to be scanned through the app. The process lets you set up a verified account linked to your email, under which you can set up as many users as you want.

The template on the fabric is duplicated in the app, and it is through the latter that the characters on the fabric come alive when the device is scanned over the fabric. A story-telling voiceover accompanies the visuals. The duvet comes with three stories - each one a spin-off of a classic English fairy tale. There's Little Red, a take on Little Red Riding Hood, Three Pigs, a revised version of Three Little Pigs and Magic Bean, based on Jack And The Bean Stock. The characters in each story navigate on the landscape provided by the real duvet, and if one is sitting on the duvet, they become a part of the story that is being told - that's where the augmented reality aspect comes in. For instance, the wolf in Little Red will ask questions like, 'Do I look like Grandma?', or instruct you not to tell Little Red, where he's lurking around. The stories are woven in a manner, where the narrative often breaks into activities children can engage themselves in. When Red Riding Hood goes to visit grandma in Little Red, there's a mini lesson in making cookies.

There are also pointers on the app that educate further on what one sees. What widens the scope of the experience further is that each time you are likely to scan a different spot on the fabric and let the story take off from there. The rug follows the same concept but is more activity oriented, wherein a character called Milo imparts yoga classes, among other things. The set up for both products is such that the child will be compelled to move around, rather than sit at one place and watch the stories unfold.

At Rs 7,000 for each product, the price tag is premium. However, the experience it contains might just justify it. One thing is for sure: With this duvet and rug, your child wouldn't want to delay bedtime anymore.

WHERE: Home Centre, Shop no. 28, first floor, Viviana mall, Pokhran Road no-2, Subhash Nagar, Thane
PRICE: Rs 7,000
CALL: 61701287

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