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Apr 17, 2013, 00:56 IST | Ruchika Kher

Mumbai-based Garage Punk band The Lightyears Explode is all set to release their debut album, The Revenge Of Kalicharan with a gig in the city on April 18

They are self-proclaimed lovers of over-the-top Bollywood films, hence naming their debut album, The Revenge of Kalicharan came naturally to the three-piece Garage Punk band, The Lightyears Explode, who will be releasing their labour of love with a power-packed gig for music aficionados on April 18.

“I came up with the title of the album and everyone loved it. Our influences for this album were each other – there was no conscious decision to sound like anyone else,” says Saurabh Roy, who is on guitar/vocals.

The Lightyears Explode. Pic courtesy/ Monisha Ajgaonkar

The Lightyears Explode was formed in 2009 and also comprises of Aaron Carvalho on drums and Shalom Benjamin on bass. After their inception the band hit the Mumbai college circuit. Strong performances and positive word of mouth eventually resulted in them breaking into the legitimate scene alongside bands such as Rosemary, Blakc and Khiladi. Their song, The Weapon was also well received and catapulted them to success.

“I met Shalom the first day of Junior College, then I stopped going to college and two years later, met him again. He knew Aaron because he had jammed with him before and before we knew, everything came together,” recalls Roy, who mentions that although their music involves huge doses of Punk, The Beatles remains a big inspiration. “We like Pop, so we have big hooky choruses on everything,” he shares. Post the album release, several gigs and a video for Kunj Gutka, a song from their new 10-song album, is on the radar.

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