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Aug 10, 2015, 07:50 IST | Dhara Vora

Keen to go the green way? Sun King’s Pro All Night solar lamp shows promise

We would love to get more eco friendly, though we aren’t pro active enough to build our own things and reduce our carbon footprint. If you are a lazy eco warrior like us, owning Sun King Pro All Night solar lamp cum phone charger will earn you a few extra brownie points.

The lamp also has a USB port for charging phones
The lamp also has a USB port for charging phones

Launched by GreenLight Planet (an energy solutions company), Sun King Pro is a natty-looking solar lamp. We fell in love with its design in a flash (pun intended!).

It comes with a detachable stand, a USB cable with multiple pin options for different mobile phones and a detachable solar panel.

What we liked
The stand is designed such that it can serve as a table lamp, it can be hung (at whatever height you wish) and when the stand is removed one can use it as a torch. Another great factor is the three-level brightness mode, which is perfect for using it in different conditions — be it reading at night on low brightness or guiding yourself in a jungle. The back panel of the lamp, which has a USB port for charging your phone, also has an LED solar power and battery level indicator. It helped us a lot to place the solar panel at the right location for optimum charging. At low lighting mode, the lamp can offer as much as 36 hours of light, which we tested and it worked.

The detachable stand aids the use of the lamp in different situations
The detachable stand aids the use of the lamp in different situations

What we didn’t like
While we were gloating with pride due to all the energy we had been saving during our late night reads, the phone charging option was a letdown. We tried charging a Samsung Note 2, with the mobile Internet switched off and no usage while charging. While the charging icon came up on our phone, the power discharge was not sufficient to charge our phone at all for a long time. We only ended up draining our beloved lamp’s battery. We also tried charging a phone with a lower battery capacity, with no good results. Also, with the cloudy skies in the city currently, it is very difficult to charge the lamp from a window ledge,
thankfully, the lamp goes strong in the low light mode for several hours.

Overall verdict
If you’re looking for a solar lamp, Sun King boasts of the perfect ergonomic design for use in different situations. As for the phone-charging problem, we would instead go for the version without the charging feature, which costs less too, and stick to our dependable powerbank when outdoors.

Cost: Rs 1,800 (for the top model)
Available At:


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