Lights. Camera. Booked.

Aug 22, 2012, 11:09 IST | Surekha S

If you are an avid photographer or have a keen interest in the subject, head to Piramal Art Gallery where you can browse through 200 books on photography and international photography magazines at The Open Library

To mark World Photography Day on August 19, Piramal Art Gallery has transformed itself into a photographer’s paradise. Apart from the fact that the gallery walls will display photographs by renowned photographers, the space will also turn into an open library where people can sit and read their extensive collection of books on photography.

“We have rare books on photography, which will be on display at the library. I wanted to encourage young photographers who can get exposure to great works through these books,” says Mukesh Parpiani, head of Piramal Gallery.

The library will have about 200 books on photography and several international magazines. Some of the books on display include Frames Of My City, 10 Years of Portraits by Diana Walker, Living Faith by Dinesh Khanna, National Geography — Through the Lens, Fashion and Advertising, Mukesh Parpiani’s Street Photography and a lot more. “There are books from the biggest photographers of the 80s and 90s,” adds Parpiani.

The response that the open library has received has been great so far and even on the first day, the gallery had about 400 visitors.
“It is a boon for young photographers to be able to have such a space for display of great works. There are also 19th century cameras on display and a mock dark room for photographers to get acquainted with the process. I am trying to encourage young photographers by showing them hard prints, books, pictures and more,”
concludes Parpiani.

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