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Aug 29, 2013, 01:39 IST | The Guide Team

Story LTD by auction house Saffronart, showcases curated collections featuring objects from the past and present, including fine art, antiquities, jewellery, vintage and designer furniture

If you always wanted to turn collector of fine objects, here’s your chance.

An artwork by Mario Miranda

Story LTD, a service by the auction house Saffronart, was launched on July 8 and is bringing together independent boutiques and curated collections featuring a variety of objects ranging from art to jewellery and furniture. You can buy objects from boutiques and check out collections from the online store at the click of a mouse.

A serigraph by Jyoti Bhatt

A team individually sources the products. They have collaborated with a number of boutiques and individual consigners as well. Each collection is curated and put together to provide buyers with an interesting choice. Some products are exclusively available on the website. The service is targetted at individuals over 35 years of age, who collect objects and art works. They ship worldwide as well.

Paper stool by Utility & Utopia

The name of the site, Story LTD (pronounced Story Limited) is attributed to the belief that behind every object there is a unique narrative that determines its historic, aesthetic and cultural value. The product line-up is a mix of contemporary and vintage items. They are also expanding their product base. The site will have fixed price sales as well as auctions.

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