'Listen to the crowds and your fellow runners in a Marathon'

Feb 25, 2013, 02:17 IST | Pune

Nalanda Joglekar, Marathon runner, founder member of Pune Running

1. How was the experience of running for the Mumbai Marathon?
It was a fantastic experience to be part of the Mumbai Marathon; the crowds were supportive and enthusiastic. I prepared over a span of six months. I participated in the Pune and Hyderabad marathon for practice as I had heard that Mumbai Marathon is a tougher event.

2. Can you tell us about the group Pune Running.
This group is specifically for runners from Pune who want to be part of a collaborative group and help each other improve. Pune Running is formed to motivate city runners and encourage people to take up running. At least 400 people run with us every fourth Sunday of the month. People from all age groups come with us, ranging from children to middle-aged people. We run for overall fitness and advise people to select a certain distance to cover and build on it. As a group, we have run at Comrades Marathon (South Africa), Kaveri Trail Marathon, Bangalore Ultra, Shimla Marathon, Delhi Marathon, Pune Marathon, Mumbai Marathon, Goa Marathon, Hyderabad Marathon, Delhi Half Marathon and many more.

3. Can you share some tips for people who want to participate in the marathon.
Start running; that is the most important step. Find like-minded people as running can get boring at times. Read about people who have done it successfully earlier; the more we read the more we come to know and get encouraged to run. Listen to your body, stick to the goal and listen to the crowds. Also listen to your fellow runners as they will encourage you when you are upset and drink a lot of water. 

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