Littie wonders from Bihar

Jul 17, 2013, 09:32 IST | Kanika Sharma

A new humble joint in Jogeshwari is enjoying good tidings with its lip-smacking Littie Chokhas and Sattu Paranthas � traditional delights of Bihar that are a rage there and beyond

We are all up for all-nighters especially when it involves glistening empty roads and a light drizzle with coffee off the bicycle men on the side. Warm and fuzzy, driving towards a petrol refill at the Lotus Petrol Station in Oshiwara; we discovered the Bihari favourite, Littie Chokha in a small cove called the Littie Express. 

Joyous after hearing that the healthy food-on-the-go is finally available in the western suburb, we eyed the menu.

Sattu Parantha whetted our appetite for more. Pics /Kanika Sharma

Quite a hole in the wall, the place has comfortable seating and is reasonably aired to munch. The sight of the petrol pump is obviously grungy and it being one of the hotter days in this capricious weather, we parcelled our meals home. If you have always been on the prowl for a cheap filling meal, this place is profitable. From the regular fare of

Dal Chawal (R50) and like, the two must-haves are Littie Chokha that you can see being barbequed right in front of your eyes (R35) and Sattu Parantha (R50).

For the uninitiated, Littie Chokha are barbequed flour balls that contain a filling of powdered baked gram flour — Sattu along with chopped onions, green chillies, coriander leaves. The cooked balls dipped in tempting ghee are served with Smoked Brinjal (Baingan ka Bharta), spicy Mashed Potatoes (Chokha), both made in mustard oil. The palpably hot Littie with an alluring sheen arrived as we waited for our order-to-go.

The Sattu filling of the balls had a rich texture complementing the hardened crust. The Bharta outdid the Chokha by miles, as it was spicy but not overwhelming while the Chokha did not pop with its smoky flavour of the chillies in our mouths as we had hoped. Still, the hit of the mustard oil for the accompaniments still scored well with us.

For the paranthas, we transported ourselves into cushy interiors of our home. The paranthas were modest in size joined with cooked potatoes tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds. A South Indian adaptation, we pondered? Although the potatoes tasted well, we stretched out for that pickle jar and tucked into the well-made paranthas with an equally savoury filling. An absolute keeper’s find, breeze in for a basic but hearty and blissful meal from Bihar.

At Littie Express, shop no 949, New Link Road, Jogeshwari (W).
Call 26741460 / 9969658989
Littie Express didn't know we were there.
The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals. 

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