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Jan 23, 2013, 00:22 IST | Hassan M Kamal

The Lazy Dog at Horniman Circle offers plenty of premium drinks at low prices, but what it falls short of is to compliment it with good food so that you can continue on the joyride

For a pub, whose mascot is a dog named Tsar, who liked to do nothing but just laze around, The Lazy Dog (TLD) gives you enough reason to do exactly the same — laze around. The décor is casual, the staff, hospitable, and it serves a wide selection of foreign liquor, a few innovative cocktails and mocktails — all made available at really low prices for a patron card that comes for just Rs 250.

Patrons are greeted with a big frame of the dog, Tsar, which inspired the pub, The Lazy Dog

Unfortunately, the bar was booked the day we visited, so we had to be seated in the lounge on the first floor, which was comfortable even as the piped music in the background eased us in. There was plenty of space between tables to carry on with a conversation without being disturbed by other patrons. We were greeted with the menu, with a photograph of Tsar, who inspired the restaurant, along with a short description of The Lazy Dog’s philosophy — to offer you a place to laze around without burning a hole in your pocket. Sadly, Tsar passed away in 2011, and its owners set up this space as a tribute to their beloved canine.

We ordered our drinks —Cosmopolitan (R200), TLD’s home-special Seven Island Ice Tea (R300) and the only Mocktail (R100) with Cranberry Breezer (R200). The first to arrive, the Cosmopolitan, referred to as a Classic Tail, was worth the price. While the menu card suggested that the cocktail had been made with vodka, cranberry juice and a few secret ingredients that they chose to keep under wraps, the cocktail was perfect: not too potent, nor too mild.

The Kala Khatta in the Seven Island Iced Tea gave it an edgy spin

Next up, the Seven Island Iced Tea, a smart take on the Long Island Iced Tea (here the lime juice was replaced with Kala Khatta and some more secret ingredients), and thoughtfully put under the sub-head, The Lazy Tails in the menu. The Seven Island Iced Tea was potent, yet smooth. The Kala Khatta left a likeable, sour aftertaste, offering the better of two terrific drinks, till then. The Mocktail with Cranberry Breezer was good, but no surprises there.

While we lazed around with our drinks, we met with a few unfortunate disappointments. The food took ages to arrive; after all, it is sourced from popular takeway Ayub’s nearby, and re-heated in a tandoor in TLD’s spartan kitchen. However, what put us off was that some of the food was charred, especially the Mutton Boti (Rs 200).

Tandoori Aloo was served with three different dips. Pics/Sayyed Sameer Abedi

The Mushroom Tikka (Rs 200) was no good either. The only relief for our troubled palate was the Tandoori Aloo (Rs 200), served with three different dips. Our final order was for the Belgian beer, the Hoegaarden, on tap. Unfortunately, we had to settle with the draught’s pint (`325), which was perhaps the best beer we had tasted in a long time. Full marks.

The Lazy Dog is a great place to hang out, and enjoy premium brands at low prices, but the lack of food options makes you think twice. Unless, you are there for a quick drink or two, with no intention to satiate your hunger, we’d say, go ahead —
laze around.

Note: All prices mentioned in the review were patron card prices.

Eating out
The Lazy Dog
Food: bad
Service: attentive
Ambience: comfy 

At 24A, Rajabahadur Mansion, Bombay Samachar Marg, Horniman Circle, Fort.
Timing 6 pm to 12.30 am
Call 9819947301

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