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Apr 09, 2013, 00:06 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Actor Kunal Khemu is a self-confessed foodie. And when he recently travelled to Mauritius for his upcoming multi-starrer comedy, he managed to indulge in faratas, a local snack.

When CS caught up with him for a chat, here’s what Kunal had to say about the experience and his filmi journey so far:

Kunal Khemu
Who: Kunal Khemu
What: On his kind of films
PIC/ Satyajit Desai

Beach double
We were originally shooting for this film in Goa, but it was the rainy season and we had to find a location that resembled Goa. That’s how we landed in Mauritius which had beaches with forests and the perfect pleasant weather for shooting. I felt at home as everyone there speaks Hindi. And since I am a water baby, I loved being on the beaches at Mauritius.

Binge boy
We didn’t get to have anything authentically Mauritian, except faratas. This guy would come on a bike every day and he would roll a spicy aloo chutney curry in a thin roti and give us. I loved it as I am a glutton. Anybody who has worked with me will tell you that I probably eat more than anybody else. So, there are very few things in food that I don’t like. A good example of that would be the fact that I even like karela. I just don’t like bland and very cheesy food.

On appeal
As a child actor, I never did a film that was all about me. It’s only now that I am doing solo hero films and can call them ‘my’ films. I must have done about ten films till now and very few of them have been multi-starrers. I don’t go picking any particular type of films as it’s stories that appeal to me.

The film buff
I love films and watch everything from different parts of the world. I don’t like hardcore romance, but do see them at times. But then after watching a romantic film, I immediately need to watch something light-hearted. I love action, thrillers and comedies. Recently, I have started watching American television from different genres too, along with French and Korean films.

The romantic exchange
Soha (Ali Khan), is more into books. In fact, I think I introduced her to cinema and television. She tried introducing me to books, but I gave her a better deal. Where she could finish a film in two hours, I had to read a book for a month. But I have become a little bit of a reader after I met her. She hadn’t seen a lot of Hindi films. I made her watch them. I said, “If you are a Hindi film actress, you have to watch them as these are legends.” But we have similar tastes and so she enjoys most of the films that I watch. She has her bits of Poirot and British drama which I don’t like much. So it’s only when I’m traveling, that she gets to watch them.  

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