Living it up

Apr 09, 2012, 11:42 IST | Anjali Jhangiani

A newly opened lounge that overlooks a lush golf course, boasts an extensive bar menu, luxurious interiors and a pomegranate martini that we would happily return for on a Wednesday night

Party like there’s no tomorrow, dance like it’s nobody’s business, drink like a fish and dine like a king — that’s exactly what the month-old lounge Vie makes you want do.

The restaurant serves Mediterranean, Indian and fusion cuisines

“Vie is all about celebrating the good times, with good food and good music,” says Basab Paul, proprietor, Vie Lounge and Kitchen. The exclusive lounge area has a bar specially designed by the London Academy of Bartenders (Soho, London) in association with Town House (Knightsbridge, London).  

The bar has been designed by the London Academy of Bartenders

“The bar is heavily detailed in terms of utility and design. The London Academy of Bartenders provides training to our bartenders before they are given charge of the bar. They have even designed our extensive menu,” says Paul.

The extensive menu Paul is referring to includes choices spread over 20 pages, making it quite a task to choose from the variety of tempting cocktails and mocktails. Overlooking the majestic golf lawns of the Poona Golf course, the bar and fine-dining area provides the perfect setting for a romantic date.

Vie affords an uninterrupted view of the lush golf course

The restaurant serves a variety of authentic cuisines, ranging from Mediterranean to Indian and even exclusive fusion specials. The Butterflies of the Sea, a tiger prawn preparation and the pomegranate martini gets two thumbs up. “In Pune, Vie is more of a fine-dining restaurant and bar. The party scene is yet to pick up,” says Paul, adding that they have theme nights, as well as other events in the pipeline. 

“We have bar nights on Fridays and Saturdays, and free martinis for women on Martini Nights on Wednesdays,” says Paul. “A Sunday brunch at Vie after a good game of golf is an exciting option at Vie,” shares Paul. Members of the Poona Golf Club can avail of a special discount on food and beverages.

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