Local politicos to foot medical bills

May 29, 2012, 07:47 IST | Saurabh Katkurwar

Two corporators, an MLA from Panvel step in to help the injured; assure hospitals they will take care of expenses

After surviving the expressway mishap, several victims and their relatives were faced with the daunting exercise of finding competent medical help and then find ways to bear the cost.

Several of the injured were rushed to Ashtavinayak and Panacea hospitals in Panvel. According to Raigad police, 27 people were admitted at the aforementioned hospitals around 2 am.

Aftermath: 27 people were admitted at the Ashtavinayak and Panacea hospitals in Panvel. Six of them succumbed to their injuries

“We admitted 14 to Ashtavinayak Hospital and 13 to Panacea Hospital. Unfortunately, six of them succumbed to their injuries,” said RD Shinde, superintendent of police, Raigad district.

“We received calls from the hospital, asking us to report immediately. Initially, everybody was panic-stricken, as most of the patients were critical. But everything was handled properly.

Unfortunately, we were unable to save five of them, as they had sustained grievous injuries,” said a doctor from Ashtavinayak Hospital.

As the patients belonged to economically weaker sections, politicos from Panvel extended financial help.

According to sources, a couple of local corporators and an MLA assured both the hospitals of bearing the medical expenditure.

“We did not ask for any deposit when the police brought in the patients to our hospital. In the morning, some local politicians asked us to give all necessary treatment to the patients and said that they would pay for the same,” said AS Agarwal, director of Ashtavinayak Hospital.

Despite repeated attempts, officials from Panacea Hospital — where one injured breathed his last — remained unavailable for comments. 


Wounded but alive
Speaking to MiD DAY, Amol More, who was run over by one of the buses, set in motion by the impact of the speeding truck, said, “I was under the bus, trying to fix the problem when the truck rammed into the bus and it went over me. I screamed out in pain. I lost my feet in the accident. I couldn’t sleep the entire night as my mind was haunted by screams and groans of the injured.”
Faiyyaz Shaikh, who was sitting near the bus, sustained multiple fractures. “I do not know how it happened. I have several fractures and doctors say it will take at least four months for them to heal. I am a poor man and the sole breadwinner for my family. I do not know how we’ll survive the next four months.”

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