Locals raise stink over hoteliers dumping garbage

May 14, 2012, 09:00 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Accuse restaurateurs of not taking appropriate action despite being shown pictorial evidence of their employees' repeatedly dropping off large amounts of garbage from their establishments in public garbage containers in the area

According to the locals of panel number 36 that comprises upmarket areas like Prabhat Road and Bhadarkar Road, among others, the hotels from the area are illegally dumping garbage in the public garbage containers located near a famous sweet shop in thelocality. 

The residents have further alleged that despite providing the hotel owners pictorial evidence of their employees involvement in the unlawful activity, the former have refused to acknowledge and resolve the issue.

Caught in the act: A hotel employee dumping bags packed with various types of waste material at the public garbage container

“Though the containers are already full with garbage, for the past one year, not a single garbage collecting vehicle has visited our locality to collect the waste.

Adding to that, the employees of the various restaurants in the area are dumping their wet garbage in these containers late in the night, which attracts rodents,” said Dr Vishnu Ranade, a residents of Deccan Gymkhana.

It was Dr Ranade who clicked pictures of hotel employees dumping garbage in public containers. He said that despite giving the hotel owners the proof, they refused to resolve the issue.

“More than 50 per cent of the trash comes from restaurants in the area. For the last few months, we have been taking up this issue to the PMC officials, suggesting them to take stringent action against these hoteliers, but to no avail,” said Dr Sushma Date, founder member of Deccan Gymkhana Parisar Samiti.

Local corporator Anil Rane said that efforts are being made to make the area free of containers.

“Along with the help of two NGOs, PMC will go door-to-door and collect garbage. However, this will take at least one month’s time,” said Rane.

The other side
“There are separate garbage-collecting vehicles that visit restaurants every morning to collect waste. Every year we pay a fixed amount, 20 per cent of our property tax, for this service. Therefore I don’t see any reason for hoteliers to dump their garbage in public garbage containers,” said Ganesh Shetty, president of Pune Restaurant and Hoteliers’ Association. He added that it was also a possibility that hotel employees were dumping garbage in public garbage containers without their respective employers’ knowledge.  

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