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Oct 16, 2013, 01:13 IST | The Guide Team

Wonobo.com is India's first 360-degree-view, location-based service that will enable one to walk through 54 Indian cities and its monuments soon

Google aimed to provide access to every street on this planet with its Goggle Street View project. Now, giving it a stiff competition will be Wonobo.com, India’s first and only 360-degree-view, location- based service, which was launched yesterday.

Screenshot of Wonobo.com
Screenshot of Wonobo.com

Currently available across 12 major Indian cities including Mumbai, the service will soon cover a whopping 54 cities that will also support user generated content and creation of local communities online.

With its 360-degree view, it will help all kinds of users — those who wish to have a sneak peek into a new restaurant before they drop by and others who are keen to marvel at India’s landmarks or monuments. The service aims to help four million local businesses, including small grocery stores in the future and combines the power of social media for further access to these areas.

An interesting aspect for travel-lovers will be the company’s tie-up with the Union Ministry of Tourism that will launch Walking Tours across cities. These tours will be based on different themes and will aid navigation through the cities that house these monuments.

Apart from Walking Tours, Wonobo will also host several interesting features such as guides created by users and experts giving reviews, comments and details about different areas and the properties which they house. These local restaurants, hotels, monuments, etc, will serve as points of interest (10 million of these are tagged) that can be tagged and reviewed by people.

This Internet service has been built by Genesys International Corporation, an advanced geospatial technology company.

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