Lock, pop and break a leg

Sep 12, 2012, 06:15 IST | Dhara Vora

The dance scene in the country seems to be exploding. Earlier, TV shows like Boogie Woogie were the lone benchmarks but the success of several dance reality shows these days means every one from newbies to sports stars are shaking a leg. No wonder, terms like back flips and lifts are common knowledge.

The popularity of dance as a hobby is evident by the number of dance institutes that teach various genres of dancing from Contemporary and Ballet to Hip Hop and Rumba — all of which seem to be thriving.

One such international platform that will arrive in the city is UK B-Boy. UK B-Boy is one of the world’s largest Hip Hop events where dance crews from most continents will participate and fight it out to be crowned as the best lockers, poppers and solo breakers in the world.

Anthony Jackson and Spin a.k.a Juan David Gaviria (in picture) from the Soul Mavericks Crew will judge the event and conduct workshops across the country too. The winners, selected from across the country, will represent India at the final championship in London next year.

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