Locked in time

Jun 12, 2013, 01:28 IST | Soma Das

Godrej archives is hosting a month-long exhibition as part of the concluding celebrations of Sohrab Godrej's centenary birth year, which celebrates the life and times of the former Chairman of the company

The company that is synonymous with metal almirahs, refrigerators, typewriters, soaps and locks will offer enthusiasts a chance to gaze at historical artefacts at an exhibition, titled Sohrab Godrej: The Restless Visionary.

A photomosaic made of 1,200 small photos of Sohrab Godrej arranged to resemble his portrait

Organised by Godrej Archives, it will feature images and exhibits profiling the landmark events and changes brought about by the former Chairman, Sohrab Godrej.

“In this exhibition, it was decided to bring alive his life as a heritage conservator, environmentalist and a world traveller, who reached out to several influential world leaders to establish a global presence for Godrej,” says Vrunda Pathare, Chief Archivist, Godrej Archives.

Incidentally, Sohrab Godrej himself during the company’s centenary year celebrations in 1997, mooted the idea of an archive for the company.Some of the interesting exhibits on display include Godrej’s physics journal and degree certificate, personal belongings like clothes, shoes, hat, photographs, collectibles such as vintage cameras, stamps, coins, picture postcards, LP records, a picnic basket and his last travel bag with all its contents.

One of the most striking installations is a photomosaic made of 1,200 smaller photographs of Sohrab Godrej and arranged so that when seen from a distance, it resembles a portrait of him.

The exhibition also features an audio kiosk where visitors can listen to a recording of Sohrab Godrej talking about his uncle Ardeshir and father Pirojsha — the founding fathers of Godrej.

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