Logging into a digital classroom

Jan 11, 2015, 08:40 IST | Anu Prabhakar

A new educational app, Edusync, aims to make course material more accessible to students and teachers

The two-month-old Edusync is a mobile educational application that aims to digitalise classrooms. The brainchild of 32-year-old Kushal Chudiwala, it makes communication between teachers and their students easier and snappier. The
Nariman Point-based entrepreneur talks about how the app can empower users.

Q. Tell us a bit about Edusync.
A. It’s a smartphone app that connects teachers and students for study material, which is pre-organised and
accessible at all times. Teachers can create a digital classroom and send out instructions to students, who are updated on classes, deadlines of assignments etc.

Q. How does one begin using the app?
A. After downloading the app, teachers can create a code for the classroom and share it with their students. Both can
log in using the code. Features include ‘Assignments’, ‘Class library’, ‘Class study material’, ‘Messages’. With the first, you can remain updated on your projects and submission dates. You can also submit your project online. With ‘Class study material’, teachers can structure the course work by sharing reading lists and interesting links. With ‘Class library’, students can archive their old projects even from last year. Some students might be shy to ask a teacher in class, fearing that his/her question might be stupid and that it might invite ridicule. So with ‘Messages’, a teacher and student can have a one-on-one interaction. Teachers, on the other hand, can keep a tab on
who has submitted their assignments on time and so on. You can also resubmit an assignment multiple times.

The app, Edusync, is the brainchild of Kushal Chudiwala

Q. How is it different from WhatsApping and emailing?
A. It allows you to access the data you want in the form and way you want it to. For instance, say you are logged
into six different classrooms that have six different teachers. You want to know when is your next assignment
due. Instead of going through tonnes of emails and whatsapp messages, all you need to do is check your calendar, notes and library where the data is presented to you the way you want it. The system is also democratic where power flows from both ends. While a teacher can block a truant student from class, only the principal has the final authority to bump off a student from the class.

Q. Have schools and colleges already started using this?
A. Yes, Jai Hind College at Churchgate has. One big problem we face is the resistance from the teaching staff and students to use this. So we have a team that sits with these teachers and helps them install the app on their
phone and even assists them in the execution of an assignment or two. We also have a support team on call and email to help them.

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