Logo gives MHADA the blues!

Jul 24, 2012, 08:55 IST | Varun Singh

While it is stated that the acronym MHADA should be hollow and black, the hoarding on top of the authority's headquarters sports blue; most tenders, notices and old buildings have also got conflicting logos

What’s in a logo? Officials at the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) have definitely put a lot of thought into theirs. But, looking at the housing agency’s logos at various buildings in the city, it seems MHADA employees entrusted with the task of putting up the pictorial symbol are not adhering to their organisation’s core values.

MHADA Correct logo
The logo visible at MHADA’s Pratiksha Nagar building, Sion, is the accurate one, according to MHADA officials

According to MHADA’s website, the logo consists of two parts - the acronym MHADA in Marathi and English, and a pictorial symbol. The pictorial symbol has at its centre an arrow pointing upwards to represent progress and development. The arrow is painted in terracotta colour and its tip and base are designed to make the symbol resemble a house. The house is placed within a green circle to indicate a home - not just a roof over one’s head - with suitable amenities. The black and white lines of receding thickness are designed to indicate that MHADA provides shelter in an appropriate environment on a mass and continuous scale.

Moreover, the English version of the acronym MHADA, according to senior officers, should be hollow and the word MHADA, written in Devanagari script, should be black. But, the logo displayed at MHADA’s headquarters, Bandra (E), is blue. This isn’t the only evident mistake; their tenders and notices and many buildings constructed by MHADA also have inconsistent logos.

Wrong MHADA logos
The acronym MHADA in Marathi and English on top of their Bandra (E) headquarters is blue, instead of black. The board at MHADA colony, Mulund, again is flawed with a blue circle (below left) while the English lettering MHADA at PNB Colony (below) should be hollow. Pics/Pradeep Dhivar

While the new buildings have the correct design, there are many buildings, which sport imprints not adhering to the standards. At some places, the word MHADA is written below the symbolic house, and at others the English version of MHADA is not visible. At certain places, the acronym has been completely left out, and only the house is visible.

According to a senior officer from the authority, MHADA’s logo has been clearly defined, but most officers do not pay attention to the details, and execute the logo in a haste, which gives rise to errors. “While the common man isn’t bothered, we the officers in MHADA should take a note of it and should do something so that the logo is standard at all places,” said the official, on condition of anonymity. While a senior officer said, “Mostly, our old buildings have the wrong logo. But our logo at the headquarters is fluorescent blue for a reason, so that it’s visible at night. But this shouldn’t be an excuse for tampering with the logo. They could have put lights to make it visible to the public at night.”

Shivaji Diwekar, MHADA secretary, said, “All the logos that aren’t correct would now be reworked as soon as possible. We will take cognisance of the mistakes and those that come to our notice would be rectified at the earliest.”

Repeated attempts to contact MHADA vice-president, Satish Gavai, to get his thoughts on the matter proved futile.  

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