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Oct 11, 2012, 06:45 IST | Surekha S

On World Sight Day, we invited renowned city eye specialist, Dr Anand Shroff, to enlist a few easy tips to keep our weary eyes in good shape


1. Don’t step outdoors in the summer without Ultraviolet absorbing eyewear. Also, don’t presume that the darker the tint of your sunglasses the more UV protection you have. If it is not really UV protected, such eyewear will cause more damage.
2. Don’t rub your eyes with unclean hands or when you are outdoors and in public places, even if you are sweaty. You could inadvertently introduce infection or allergies.

It is advisable to get your eyes checked regularly

3. If sitting long hours on the computer, use lubricating eye drops to prevent dry eyes
4. Take short visual breaks from texting on mobile phones or smart phones. After every other text look at a visual object at least 20 feet away, make it clear and then complete a couple more texts.
5. Do not ‘knuckle’ the eyes. This may change the shape of the cornea and result in abnormalities of the shape of the eye.
6. If you have been texting and you look up and you can feel your eyes strain to refocus. This is a strong signal you have been over doing it, take a long break from texting.
7. Get your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist if you change your spectacle numbers frequently.
8. Stop smoking and control hypertension as these could increase the risk of Macular Degeneration.
9. If playing small-ball sports or riding a bike, use protective eyewear.
10. For 3D headaches disregard your experience with 2D movies and stay focused on whatever is right in front of you; that is what you should be paying attention to. By focusing too long on the background details is what triggers headaches and disorientation.

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