Look out for the invisible forces that drive Mumbai

Jun 19, 2012, 11:29 IST | Soma Das

Artist Vipul Prajapati's paintings focus on the city's work sites, dockyards and industrial labourers in an attempt to depict the behind-the-scenes activities that drive the metropolis.

The recurrent themes in his paintings are of industrial workers at their work site surrounded by machines and tools, ship yard workers in the company of other workers, industrial workers involved in welding and drilling, workers heading home after work or workers breaking ships at the dockyard.  

Through art, Prajapati records a period of massive construction of flyovers, foot over bridges, tunnels and metros and also depicts the camaraderie among workers. 

These mixed media artworks are made by juxtaposing digital prints with oil paints. These are also a study in landscapes that reflect human activity, and are imbued with cultural values. By combining elements of space and time, these represent political as well as social and cultural constructs which have historical, archaeological, geographical and sociological significance.

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