Looking for sex? Head to New York!

Jul 16, 2012, 12:12 IST | ANI

New Yorkers indulge in sex 156 times a year on an average, which is five times more than the national estimate, a new study has revealed

The Big Apple’s sexually charged locals have more notches on their bedposts than people in any other major city too, except Atlanta, where residents also confessed to having an average of 25 lovers in their lifetime.

Sex and relationships, Want to have sex? Head to New York

“This is New York, we have the best and the biggest of everything,” the New York Daily News quoted auto mechanic Terah Spring, 31, from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, as saying.

“I think we’re more open here than in other parts of the country,” Spring said.

The online poll asked 1,000 people in 10 major cities to complete a survey regarding their sexual habits.

The study sponsored by condom brand Trojan, found that 27 percent of New Yorkers are likely to share their fantasies with their lover, more than in any other metropolis. And 78 percent were open to using a vibrator with a partner.

“New York drives people to do things here that they wouldn’t anywhere else,” said Laurie Ware, 55, a nurse from Jamaica, Queens.

“God bless them. As long as people are happy then more power to them,” Ware said.

However, one New Yorker didn’t seem quite so eager to embrace the survey findings.

SoHo resident Joseph Kar, 23, stood outside Union Square’s WholeFoods on Thursday holding a sign that read: “Need a girlfriend.”

“Sure we have more sex than the rest of the country, but is that something to be proud of?” he asked.

“It makes it really hard to find someone to settle down with.

“I don’t want notches on my belt. I want someone who wants to be loved and respected. I just don’t know if I’ll find someone like that in New York,” he added.

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