Loss to property much higher than estimated: CM Singh

Jun 30, 2013, 01:35 IST | Agencies

Recent reports on the Uttarakhand floods reveal that the disaster has not only affected public lives but also destroyed the food and agriculture industry of the state

As the situation in the Uttarakhand region worsens, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh claims that the loss to the public and private property could be much higher due than the preliminary estimate of around Rs 2,575 crores as mentioned by the government.

Rescue operations continue in Uttarakhand where thousands of people are still stranded and many locals rendered homeless. File photo

 “The detailed estimate of the loss would be assessed after the life is restored in entire area. The revenue officials will conduct a detailed survey of the victims after which a suitable compensation will be given to the people who has lost lives,” said Singh. He added that the tragedy has pushed the state one year back in terms of development as 90 per cent of cash crops, particularly the apple crop, has been completely destroyed by the floods.

Tourists rescued
Currently, all the stranded tourists in Kinnaur have been airlifted, and none of them have been reported dead from the flood areas of the state. The CM further added that the loss of electricity, water supply and other essential services will be restored in the entire affected area in a months’ time. 

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