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Jul 15, 2012, 10:53 IST | Kareena N Gianani

One call to OneAssist, a new service launched last month, ensures that all is taken care of after the loss of your smartphone, wallet and travel documents

It's part of Gagan Maini and Subrat Pani’s job to ask to you imagine the worst of things — imagine landing up at your dream destination after months of planning and losing that one bag with your documents and passport. Or misplacing your have-it-all smartphone and losing all data, contacts, and personal photographs with it.

Subrat Pani and Gagan Maini of One Assist Consumer Solutions Pvt.Ltd at Andheri. Pic/ Pradeep Dhivar 

But they mean well. Last month, 43 year-old Maini and 42 year-old Pani started OneAssist (.in), a website which will make life easier if you lose your smartphone, wallet or travel documents. All you need to do is dial one number, which will take care of the rest from there. Your credit cards will be blocked, the procedures for retrieving your documents will be set in motion, your hotel bills will be settled and return tickets will be purchased until you can make the payments. In case you lose your smartphone, the company will provide you with a replacement handset for a week — with all your data restored, which you can then transfer to your new phone. Their three main services — MobileAssist, WalletAssist and TripAssist work in case you lose your smartphone, wallet and travel documents respectively. The fourth service, EverydayAssist, is a package that covers the loss of your wallet, smartphone, travel documents and also your driving license or PAN card.

Both Maini and Pani have been in the credit card protection space and marketing for more than a decade, and worked with banks such as ICICI, Kotak, SBI and ABM Amro. Last year, the duo decided to start something that could “assist people during the most disruptive phase of their lives.”

“Last year, when we began researching and did some anxiety mapping among our focus group, we realised that the last thing people want after they lose something is to call up multiple people to take care of matters. All you really want at that time is to sit back so you can think of alternatives,” says Maini. The idea behind starting OneAssist, adds Pani, is to help people get back to normalcy and carry on with their routine in spite of losing some important data. “At OneAssist, one call after your loss and things are taken care of immediately,” he says. The client will have to settle legal matters if required, for instance, registering a police complaint after the loss of a phone, but the service will facilitate the rest. “For instance, if a trip to the RTO is unavoidable after you lose your driving license, we may not be able to go on your behalf, but will set it up for you,” says Pani.

In fact, even if a client realises the loss after a couple of days, OneAssist, through their Pre-reporting Fraud Cover facility, will set the procedure in motion if the loss is up to Rs 2 lakh. “All you have to do is register the information with us when you sign up — and only up to the required extent. A client, for instance, doesn’t have to divulge his credit card expiry date or CVV number — only his credit card number,” says Maini. “In case of your smartphone, your data is backed up in real time on our website, and you can access it any time after you download the link,” says Pani.

Log on to www.oneassist.in.
OneAssist provides a Power and Privilege plan in all categories which cost between Rs 599 and Rs 2,199 

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