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Feb 15, 2012, 08:26 IST | Divya Unny

Due to lack of Bollywood stars, Bejoy 'Shaitan' Nambiar's second film will be made in Tamil

Due to lack of Bollywood stars, Bejoy 'Shaitan' Nambiar's second film will be made in Tamil

For a debut director who made one of 2011's most critically acclaimed films, you'd think his second film would be made relatively easily. But Bejoy Nambiar seems to be facing enough roadblocks even before David goes on floors.

Apart from south stars Vikram and Jeeva, the director hasn't managed to sign on any Bollywood actor for the film, and is hence being forced to make it in Tamil. And this apparently resulted in Vivek Oberoi, the only Bollywood star on board apart from Tabu, opting out of the film.

Says a source, "The film has two Tamil superstars Vikram and Jeeva. Besides Tabu, Vivek Oberoi was the only Bollywood star on board. So the producers of the film thought that making it in Tamil would be a more viable proposition."

However, Vivek did not want to be part of the Tamil film, so he had no choice but to opt out. A source confirms, "At this point it wouldn't make sense for Vivek to do a Tamil film. He really respects Bejoy as a director and would love to work with him in future."

David, a gangster flick is obviously bigger in budget and scale as compared to Nambiar's first film Shaitaan. The film has three leading men and women and hence requires many prominent faces. However, despite Tabu coming on board, for some reason no Bollywood actor has agreed to play any of the leads in the film.

Adds the source, "Bejoy has zeroed in on the rest of the cast, except for the main leads. There has been date issues with many other actors and clearly since it's a multi-starrer, not everyone is ready to come on board."
Bejoy Nambiar was unavailable for comment.

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