6 lost trekkers rescued from fort near Junnar

Jun 11, 2012, 07:50 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Local team of experts and police bring students of Pune college back to safety from Jeevdhan fort after 5-hr rescue operation

A Group of six trekkers was rescued from the perilous Jeevdhan fort, which is 45 km from Junnar, after five hours of efforts by a local rescue team yesterday. The trekkers, all final-year students of Fergusson College, had gone to Jeevdhan on Saturday night but were trapped on the fort overnight after losing their way while returning to the village at the foot of the fort.

Tread with caution:  The perilous Jeevdhan fort, where the team of six trekkers could not find their way back down. Pic /Krunal GosaviI 

Members of the Sahyadri Giribhraman Sanstha and the local police launched a rescue operation at 10 am yesterday. The effort ended successfully at 3 pm with the rescue of all six trekkers. Nachiket Guttikar, Ninad Datar, Harshwardhan Belsare, Manthan Tupe, Harshad Yashane and Aditya Naniwadekar (all 21) were the names of the rescued trekkers.

They had left for Jeevdhan fort without any safety equipment and were also not knowledgeable about the place. The trekkers dismissed the incident as a minor one. Guttikar said that though they had lost their way in the dark, it would not have been difficult to return on their own, without the help of the rescue team.

Contradicting the students, rescue team member Sanjay Khatri said the trekkers were in real danger and were making light of a grave situation. Khatri said when they reached the affected trekkers, they found the students had no clue of the way down and could have easily fallen into a valley.

“We received call from local newspaper reporters alerting us about the incident and we reached to the spot in half-an-hour,” Khatri said. He said that one of their team members then reached the trekkers with the help of a safety rope and rescued them one by one.

“Those young trekkers were not having any knowledge about the place nor were they having any safety equipment with them,” Khatri said. “As they did not inform the villagers before going to the fort, the villagers were also unaware that anyone was trapped on the fort.”

Always remember
>> Trekkers should avoid climbing in the rainy season and should go for simple jungle treks instead
>> They should take safety ropes along with them
>> They should inform the villagers at the foot of any fort about their plan and, if possible, take a villager alongwith them u They should follow one path and avoid shortcuts

The following forts should be avoided in the rains
>> Vanarlingi on Jeevdhan
>> Lingana on Raigad
>> Dukes Nose in Khandala
>> Kalavantin Durg in Panvel
>> Dhak Bahiri in Karjat

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