Lost wallet leads kin to murder spot

Oct 18, 2013, 06:08 IST | Shiva Devnath

An honest auto driver found a wallet and returned it to the family of the victim; when the kin could not contact him, they went to his house and found him dead

The family members of Chetan Bharadwaj would’ve never guessed that his lost wallet would lead them to a bigger tragedy. The 47-year-old Bharadwaj, who worked as a freelance designer at an advertising agency, was found murdered in his house Bharadwaj had lost his wallet in Powai. A rickshaw driver returned the wallet to his union office.

Deceased: Chetan Bharadwaj (inset), who was found murdered at his home. (Above) The residential society in Malad where Bharadwaj stayed

The officer at the union office then contacted Chetan’s elder brother, whose number was found in the wallet. When Chetan’s brother tried contacting him, there was no answer. When they reached his house at the C-Wing of Rustomji Elanza, near InOrbit Mall in Malad and opened the door, they found Chetan dead in his bedroom, with multiple injuries on his body.

Chetan’s elder brother stays at Mira Road with his family. According to Dr Mahesh Patil, deputy commissioner of police (Zone-XI), the deceased lived alone. He has a 26-year-old son with his wife, whom he had divorced many years ago. He had returned from USA ten years ago, and used to work as a freelance designer.

“We have recovered many objects from the flat, and these are still being investigated. The victim has marks on his body which seem to have been inflicted by a sharp object,” said Patil. Sources from the Bangur Nagar police station revealed that beer bottles and a packet of condoms were also recovered, indicating that some other people were also present with him at the time of crime. The murderer has taken two mobiles and a laptop, the police informed.

Call records on his mobile phone show that the last call Chetan received was from his elder brother on Sunday, who had asked him to join the family at Mira Road for Dussehra. According to his brother, Chetan had declined the invitation. The last activity on his Facebook account was seen on October 13, and police are also looking into his Facebook post on October 11, in which Chetan mentions: “Two of my close buddies got their GC and are doing well in life…I am so happy for them.”

A case of murder and robbery has been registered against the unknown accused, and a seven-man team has been formed to investigate the case further, Patil added. Chetan’s parents used to stay with him, and had recently moved to Mira Road to live with their other son. His father is a retired RBI officer. 

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