Louis van Gaal brushes aside Paul Scholes' dig about 'boring' Manchester United

Oct 31, 2015, 10:54 IST | AFP

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal claimed he is a risk taker as he responded to criticism from former midfielder Paul Scholes

Manchester: Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal claimed on Friday he is a risk taker as he responded to criticism from former midfielder Paul Scholes.

Scholes, who made 718 appearances for the Red Devils, told BBC Radio Manchester that Van Gaal’s United have 'a lack of creativity and risk' and it was 'not a team I’d enjoy playing in'.

Louis Van Gaal and Paul Scholes

United have scored 15 Premier League goals this season, the lowest among the top four, and exited the League Cup to Championship outfit Middlesbrough on Wednesday in a penalty shootout after the match finished goalless following extra time.

'I always take risks'
But Van Gaal disagreed with Scholes’ interpretation of the way in which his side play. "You ask me if I take risks? I take always risks!" Van Gaal said, ahead of United’s clash with Crystal Palace. "I am not agreed with his opinion but I don’t want to defend myself because I cannot defend, because he is a legend and has a lot of resonance I hear."

"So I think when you are a legend you have to speak with the manager, or with his friend Ryan Giggs, or has to speak with Ed Woodward. Van Gaal said he can handle the criticism directed towards his United teams as he dismissed suggestions they are boring to watch."

"I think you have a fantastic expression here," Van Gaal said. “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Fantastic expression.

"I think Manchester United is always entertaining and I read also in the papers and I see it is boring but I don’t think there are more spectators in other stadiums than this ground."

"I shall do everything for this club because I think with these fans, I have said many times, these fans are unbelievable. We are improving a lot but when you think it can be done within one year I have said it is a process and it takes three years. That’s why I signed here three years."

"But when Mr Scholes thinks I can better go, then I go. But he is not the man responsible for that. That is the Glazers and Mr Woodward."

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