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Apr 05, 2013, 00:59 IST | Hassan M Kamal

The wonders of technology now allow you to prepare for your GRE thanks to a new app and spice up your bedroom by getting kinky adult products home-delivered via an e-commerce portal. Hassan M Kamal gives you the lowdown

GRE on the go>>
The Educational Testing Service, which runs GRE, has launched its official test prep mobile app, Official GRE Guide on iOS. The app starter pack, available for $4.99 (Rs 275) offers 50 real test questions, tips for answering each question type, writing tasks and scoring guides. It also allows users to quiz themselves, and check their performance with sample responses for each question type. Based on the same lines as the free Windows test PowerPrep II by the makers of GRE, the mobile app doesn’t guarantee success, but it would help you get familiar with the test process and prepare even while on
the go.

Screenshot of the app

Besides, it also works as a tutor. So, if you don’t get an answer right you can use the explain option to understand it better. The analysis option allows you to review your performance in all questions that you have attempted in different categories. Thus you can figure your strengths and weaknesses, the knowledge of which helps in forming a strategy for the test day.

A pointer at the bottom will keep reminding you of the number of days left for your original GRE test. Once done within the questions in the starter pack, you can buy an additional 250 test questions (125 each of verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning), writing tasks and Math Preview that are unavailable in the starter pack after a payment of $19.99 (`1,100) for the expansion pack. Though the price seems steep, comparatively, it makes for a wise investment for those who are new to the test.

Price Rs 275 for starter pack), Rs 1,110 (expansion pack) Available at Apple Store

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Apart from lingerie, accessories and costumes for women, the website also offers shaving kits, personal care products, aphrodisiac oils and uniquely flavoured condoms. A special section is dedicated to fun products ranging from adult games to items such as feathers and pom poms for those who like to experiment in the bedroom.

For those who like to read between the lines, there is even a separate section dedicated to adult literature. What we liked the most about the website, besides its huge collection, is that it doesn’t discriminate on size; most of the items are available in a variety of sizes.

And, as it goes, since most of us don’t want anyone to find out about the adult products we use, offers delivery of the product in tightly packed boxes without any labels or symbols.

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