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Feb 14, 2012, 06:31 IST | Anjali Jhangiani

Tattoo artists from around the city suggest innovative designs for Valentine's Day

Tattoo artists from around the city suggest innovative designs for Valentine's Day

Till death do us apart is an apt slogan for the festival of love. We suggest you and your Valentine get a tattoo as a lasting symbol of your love. If you're sceptical about inking names on your body, you can indulge in tattoos with visuals instead.

Tattoo experts advise caution before getting inked

"Usually, we discourage our customers from tattooing the names of their partners because six months down the line they come back to us to cover it up with another design," explains Nirmal Bihani, tattoo artist at Guns at Work, Koregaon Park. "Instead, we suggest a similar tattoo for both partners such as a star, dove or something that has a more significant meaning for them," he adds.

Tattoo artists from across the city advise partners to take time to think over an idea for a design and then opt for permanently getting inked. "Most of the tattoos I have done for my customers relate to fond memories that they have shared with people who are important to them," says Andy Haqq, tattoo artist at Andy's. "Couples walk in to get half-and-half tattoos, which are inked as halves on both partners. When the tattoos are joined together, they form a complete design," describes Haqq, who believes that the permanency of the tattoo demands for a deep attachment with the design or graphic inked on one's body.

You can let your imagination run wild and think out of the box. Find an idea (even abstract ones will do) to express something important. A couple can tattoo a wing on one shoulder faced on the outer side so when the couple stands together, the wings join in harmony or you can even get a ring tattooed on your fingers with your partner's initials inside.

"A tattoo is all about good memories. We suggest our customers think the best memories they have had together and then we come up with a design, which may sometimes even be abstract, to signify that memory," says Haqq, flaunting a tattoo of a beer can with an arrow running through  it on his arm which signifies his love for the beverage and the good times he has had with it.

Where to get inked in the city
>> Guns At Work
At: North Main Road, near German Bakery, Koregaon Park.
Call: 66824664      
>> Andy's Tattoos
At: Koregaon Park.
CALL: 9823069638

>> Sabby's Tattoos and Piercing
At: Koregaon Park.
Call: 66821045
>> Kraayons Tattoo Studios
At: Koregaon Park
Call: 66822247

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