Lovers killed gay businessman

Sep 23, 2011, 07:02 IST | Atul Krishan

Two youths arrested for last month's murder in Kirti Nagar; money appears to be the motive

Two youths arrested for last month's murder in Kirti Nagar; money appears to be the motive

In the end it all boils down to money. Delhi police claims to have solved last month's murder case of a businessman in Kirti Nagar in west Delhi. Two youths who allegedly had an illicit relationship with 44-year-old Narender Narang have been arrested for murdering him. Pradeep (21) and Kamal Kishore (19) told police that they had murdered Narang  to acquire his wealth.

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Kamal knew Narang for the past 18 months and had physical relations with him for the last three months after he learnt about Narang's homosexuality. Kamal knew that Narang earned well from his business of dhotis, so he involved Pradeep and hatched a plan to rob his house after killing him, police said.

The arrests of Kamal and Pradeep came during investigations after Narang's decomposed body was recovered from his residence at E-59, Kirti Nagar on August 29. Kamal works at a cloth godown in Delhi while Pradeep works as a farm labourer in UP. Both Kamal and Pradeep, however, hail from of Bilheri village in Hardoi district of UP.

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V  Renganathan, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, west district, said, "Pradeep alias Sonu told police that both he and his accomplice, Kamal Kishore alias Rajput, are residents of Bilheri village in Hardoi district of UP. A few months ago, Kamal came to the village and took Pradeep along with him to Delhi, assuring him of a job. Kamal told him about Narender Narang and that he was gay and even paid people who satisfied him physically. Kamal conspired with Pradeep to murder Narang at his home to get his wealth."

On August 26, Pradeep and Kamal reached Narang's godown at Shastri Nagar. The trio left for Narang's home in Kirti Nagar in his car. At the house, they consumed food and liquor and then they engaged Narang in having sex with them. Unaware of any conspiracy, when Narang got engrossed in the sexual activity with Pradeep and Kamal, they suddenly attacked him.

Kamal tied Narang's feet with a nylon cord while Pradeep strangled him with a clutch wire. Narang got no time to realise what was happening with him and in few minutes he collapsed on the ground. Pradeep and Kamal ransacked the house and recovered Rs 50,000 cash and three cellphones. They shared the booty and escaped, leaving Narang's body in the house. They told police that they used the money to have fun.

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