Loving this love story: Minissha Lamba

Oct 11, 2012, 09:13 IST | The Centre stage Team

I have a huge rack full of books in my house. I

keep buying books all the time, as I’m a bookworm. And there are often times, when I have got so engrossed in a book that I have found it difficult to put it down. I always carry different genres of books in my bag, so I always have something to read with me at all times.

Manisha Lamba

These days, I’m reading Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. It is romance in the back drop of a civil war and is counted among the most exciting times for any love story. This book is more than that though. It’s about a way of life that ceases to exist. An old south that is forced to change and germinate the seed of a truly united America that sets to become a world power in a few decades. 

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