LPG distributors threaten to go on strike on October 1

Sep 24, 2012, 20:06 IST | PTI

Cooking gas (LPG) distributors today threatened to go on strike on October 1 against the government decision to restrict supply of subsidised gas to 6 cylinders per household in a year saying they cannot police the multiple rate policy.

National Federation of LPG Distributors of India (NFLDI), which claims to represent 10,500 cooking gas sale agencies, demanded the government should have uniform pricing and should make direct transfer of subsidy to the intended beneficiaries. 

"The distributors who were already struggling due to the menace of dual pricing, inadequate commission, ineffective cylinder seal, forced VIP off-takes and supply system that is not fool proof, are now being forced to except the newly implemented triple rate policy without giving adequate commission," it said in a press statement here.

LPG distributors threaten to strike
According to a new government policy, every household will get six 14.2-kg LPG cylinder at a subsidised rate of Rs 399. File Pic

As per the policy approved, every household will get six 14.2-kg LPG cylinder at a subsidised rate of Rs 399. Any requirement beyond that would have to be bought at market price that is almost twice the subsidised rate. Besides 14.2-kg bottle, a 19-kg cylinder is also available for commercial use at market rates.

"The NFLDI will not allow such a unilateral step which will not only add to the agony of the LPG consumers, but would also hold the LPG distributors accountable without any fault of theirs," the statement said.

"NFLDI have decided to go on an all-India token strike on October 1. If our demands are not met and our concerns not heard, we will go on an indefinite nationwide strike," it said.

The distributors demanded single price and a commission of Rs 65 per cylinder - the same as available on commercial cylinder sale. "Without consulting us, wrong policies are being adopted that will create a black market and promote unfair trade practices," the statement added.  

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