LPG gas pipeline leakage at Pratiksha Nagar causes panic among residents

Jun 28, 2012, 11:03 IST | Nivedita Dargalkar

Around 10,000 households at Pratiksha Nagar in Sion had to bear the brunt of no LPG pipeline gas for nearly 10 hours after Mahanagar Gas Limited discontinued it's supply due to a technical snag


Strong smell of LPG gas woke up the residents  in a panic and they immediately informed the police control room about the incident.
Hemant Suvarn, 36, a hotel owner in the vicinity said, “Early morning there was a stench of foul gas smell in the area. Alerted by it, the watchman of a building alerted the Secretary who then called up the police control room for help. Shortly thereafter, the fire brigade reached the spot and adopted preventive measures for the gas leakage.” 
An MGL official requesting anonymity said, “The BEST were carrying out repair work of their service lines when during digging they damaged the MGL gas line and as a result there was gas leakage.” 

digging at Pratiksha Nagar
MGL workers check gas pipelines. Pic: Sameer Markande

Mahanagar Gas Limited in its official statement said, “MGL stopped supply in some areas of Pratiksha Nagar due to an incident with a utility cable. The gas supply has been rerouted and the work of restoring gas supply is going on and will be restored completely by 5 PM."
However, the residents claimed that the gas supply was restored after 7 pm.  
BEST PRO N Walawalkar said, “Our men have not damaged any MGL lines.” 
However, no pipeline gas during the peak hours spelt severe discomfort for the residents.  
Anita Gholap, 35, housewife, said, “We had to face severe discomfort with no pipeline gas. We had to order food from outside.” 
Pramila Dhatre, housewife, said, “It was a very bad day. I could not give tiffin to my husband and children. We ended up buying food from outside.” 
Suryakant Amberkar, 59, retired said, “With the gas-line discontinued early morning, we could not even make early morning tea and had to order it from outside.” 
However, a few others were lucky enough. Mahadev Sarpole, 51, service, said, “Though we switched to pipeline connection, we had a spare cylinder. It turned out to be handy at this hour of crisis.”

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