Luv Ka The End - Movie review

Published: May 07, 2011, 07:28 IST | Byan Durham |

A cliche gets a fresh new coat of paint in this yarn about hell having no fury like a teenybopper being two-timed.

DIR: Bumpy
CAST: Shraddha Kapoor, taaha Shah, Pushtie, Archana Puran Singh

WHAT'S IT ABOUT: A cliche gets a fresh new coat of paint in this yarn about hell having no fury like a teenybopper being two-timed.

Rhea (Kapoor) has it all; friends for life, the coolest parents, endearing girl-next-door looks, a TV ad under her belt and the college's most popular guy, Luv (Shah) as her boyfriend.

The story begins on the eve of her 18th birthday. Her Luv wants her to lose her virginity to him, four months after being together. A little cajoling and she agrees. Plans are made, a date is set.

And then, a discovery is made. A heartbreaking one. And then another, far more devastating one. Everything Rhea knew about her guy had been a string of lies. Shattered, she soon decides to "have Luv's balls".

The rest of the film deals with how she exacts her revenge... with a little help from her friends.

WHAT'S HOT: The producers are pretty blatant about going after the young 'uns. Grab a director who's worked with Roadies, a show that's a talking point every season, writers that seem to know their way around and a composer who's score is peppy.

Also, ensure that a fairly pretty cast is in place (some are worth watching out for) and you're ready to go.
It's also worth mentioning that the sets are bright without being gaudy and loud without being tacky. The film is well-lighted and well-shot.

The director does a Hitchcock (or a Ghai, if you catch the desi drift) and does a smashing job at it.
And whatever you do, don't miss the opening credits. The sequence is fresh and, brilliantly choreographed, assembled and executed.

WHAT'S NOT: More often than not, you're compelled to compare this flick to portions of a show called Axe Your Ex. The dialogues leave a lot to be desired. The plot itself appears to have been borrowed from John Tucker Must Die. Am unsure if this is an official remake. he Mutton Song is horribly choreographed and is pointless, too.

WHAT TO DO: If you're young and not too nitpicky, this is worth your while. It's a decent watch if you can get past its inspirations.

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