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Jan 14, 2014, 13:06 IST | Hassan M Kamal and Dhara Vora

Add a dash of funk to your audio gear with the MTV Fashiontronix range of audio products. Powered by Soundlogic's technology and the music company's design sensibilities, this range packs a punch

Twister Bluetooth Speaker

Twister’s ergonomic design is the first thing that grabbed the eye. Its silicon casing protects it from minor splashes. The speaker scores high, and it’s smartly built. The EDM lover in us tripped on the bass output, as the sound was audible when we played it, slyly, on a street to fulfill our wish to roam around with a boombox. The sound level, however, varies as per the player that’s connected with it as we received varying sound levels from two phones. Its biggest drawback is that it does not have any controls. Without controls to pause/skip, the splash resistance defeats its very purpose.


This portable boombox is lightweight and sturdy (for those unseen drops), lasts for five hours without charge, offers a Bluetooth range of minimum 10 metres, and is loud enough for small outdoor dos. The sound from the two 2W speakers, packs a punch with clear audibility over three metres. The sound is at its best indoors, and can replace your wall speakers; though it struggles with high-bass sounds. It has a built-in mic, and controls for volume, but like the Twister, there are no buttons to skip/pause a track or accept or disconnect calls. The A USB cable aids in charging it.

Boom: flat cable headphone


The sound of this flat cable headphone is good, actually better, irrespective of what genre of music you listen to. The ear-cups are comfortable and manage to isolate most of the surrounding noises. It comes with a microphone, so you can accept calls as well. However, we didn’t like its cheap plastic casing. But then, at R1,499, you shouldn’t be asking for more. However, before you make your decision, have a look at the MDR ZX series headphones from Sony.

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