Madhuri and hubby spotted at Registrar's office in Lonavla

Jan 22, 2013, 08:49 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Madhuri Dixit and husband Shriram Nene could have been property shopping in the registrar's office in Lonavla

It appears that Madhuri Dixit is keen to own property in Lonavla. The actress apparently has plans to build a weekend holiday home in a place close to Mumbai where she can chill with her folks.

Madhuri Dixit at the registrar's office in Lonavla
Madhuri Dixit at the registrar’s office in Lonavla 

On Friday, Madhuri along with hubby Shriram Nene were spotted at the Registrar’s office at Lonavla. The first step towards their dream house nestled amidst the hills and valleys.

Madhuri Dixit

Says an onlooker, “The arrival of Madhuri at the registrar’s office in Lonavala created a buzz. But she preferred to be as inconspicuous and displayed no starry airs. She waited for her turn patiently as hushed whispers that she was around did the rounds in the town.”

Adds the onlooker, “The couple were buying some land in Lonavla, so were keen to do the paperwork.”

Incidentally, last year Madhuri was spotted checking out apartments in Versova and there was buzz that she had bought property in a high-rise in which several B-Town folk stay. She had also seen the place, which Anushka Sharma later pencilled in on to be her new home.

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