Madhushree's melodies

Aug 01, 2012, 09:01 IST | Gauri Pradhan

The Bengali singer who is better known for her South Indian songs, laughingly tells us that the Bengali film industry mistakes her for a South Indian! CS chats with Madhushree about her career:

A dream come true
Since my childhood, I have always dreamt of becoming a playback singer, but my parents wanted me to be a classical singer. So, I trained in classical music for nine years. I was also appointed as a music teacher by Indian Centre of Cultural Relations. But then I realised that my students only wanted to learn Bollywood music. So gradually I gave it up and turned my attention towards professional playback singing. I have always loved singing better than teaching. Whether playback, album or live performances, I love it all.

Southern success
But it’s not because of teaching that I haven’t sung many songs till date. There’s too much groupism in this industry. Although I can justify any type of song, melodious or item, the South industry has utilised my voice better in all perspectives. As for Bollywood, I am not happy with how many songs I have sung so far, but I am definitely satisfied. Every song of mine has become a blockbuster, no matter the success of the movie; for example Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan (Kisna) and Kabhi Neem Neem (Yuva).

Unity in diversity
I believe language is never a barrier when it comes to songs. These days, I am in love with the composition of my song from an upcoming album. The uniqueness lies in the fact that I have sung the same song in three different languages and different styles and versions. I am not sure how will it be received by the audience, but I am sure that the song will have a different connect with every language as every track sounds different in every language. 

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