Madonna has another wardrobe malfunction

Feb 11, 2016, 11:51 IST | Charlotte Wareing/TM Syndication

Madonna must have had flashbacks to the Brit Awards 2015 as she had another wardrobe malfunction on stage

Madonna must have had flashbacks to the Brit Awards 2015 as she had another wardrobe malfunction on stage. The 'Material Girl' may consider ditching capes, cloaks and props in general after she struggled to escape during a live show.

Madonna. Pic/Santa Banta

Thankfully, the Queen of Pop was able to retain her footing despite her backing dancers tugging at the tangled veil, which was stuck on her head.She was seen on fan footage from the concert in Taipei, Taiwan as she was pulled backwards and struggled to keep her balance.

Fans will no doubt be reminded of a similar mishap when her cape got caught at the BRITs last year, leading her to take a painful tumble down the steps on stage.Last month, the star rounded off her run of shows in the US with a bit of a bang. Performing in Miami, the singer had some choice words for her ex husband's Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn.

According to the Daily Mail, the Queen of Pop described both of her former flames as "a**hole," after recently referring to Ritchie with the C-word during a concert in Nashville.She is alleged to have said: "I'm looking for a husband, not a c**t. I already married a c**t."

The singer posted a cryptic tweet saying: "Now more than ever............ evenheartsmadeoutofsteelcanbreak."

The outburst comes as the star's custody battle with the 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' director over son Rocco, 15, heats up. The teenager had been travelling with his mum on her international Rebel Heart Tour but left in December after an alleged row over a mobile phone.

It has been claimed Madonna - who also has children Lourdes, 19, David, 10, and Mercy, nine - confiscated his mobile because she thought it was interfering with his homework. Rocco is now living with Guy, 47, his wife Jacqui Ainsley and their three children, Rafael, four, Rivka, three, and Levi, 18 months, in the UK and has so far defied calls for him to return to the US.

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