Magic of 11/11 helped thrice-bitten mother

Published: 12 November, 2011 02:36 IST | Priyanka Vora |

After three miscarriages, luck of 11/11 proved helpful to 35-yr-old Sagarika Pawar, who gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday

After three miscarriages, luck of 11/11 proved helpful to 35-yr-old Sagarika Pawar, who gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday

While all the mothers in the world welcomed their small bundles of joy, for one city woman yesterday proved to be doubly auspicious. After three unfortunate miscarriages, the magic of 11/11 proved lucky for her as she finally delivered a healthy baby at 11.11 am on November 11.  Sagarika Pawar (35), a resident of Navi Mumbai, welcomed her precious daughter after the affliction of three miscarriages owing to a rare uterine anomaly.

Fourth-time lucky: Sagarika Pawar with her newborn baby Nitya who
was born at 11.11 am on November 11. Sagarika said her baby was
doubly special as she had gone through three miscarriages before.

"Hundreds of babies were born today, but I can vouch for the fact that my baby is precious," said Pawar with a sparkle in her eyes. Explaining her past trauma, Pawar said that she first became pregnant at the age of 25.
"I was so overjoyed that I was going to be a mother. But my joys were short-lived as two months in, I suffered a miscarriage. Initially, my husband and I thought it was just ill fated and decided to move on. I got pregnant again in a few months time and this time I ensured that nothing went wrong, but I lost the baby again," said Pawar.

Realising that something was wrong, Pawar, who works as a staff nurse, consulted some gynaecologists. One of the doctors told Pawar that her uterus had a problem, which was the cause of her miscarriages and asked her to get enough rest. But the doctor's advice failed as she lost her baby the third time too.

Gutted about the previous miscarriages, one of Pawar's friends suggested that she should go to JJ Hospital, where after examinations, she was diagnosed with a septum in uterus. In August 2010, Pawar underwent an endoscopy procedure but because the septum was too thick, Pawar had to undergo an open surgery to remove the septum, explained Dr Ashok Anand, professor of gynaecology at JJ hospital.

Fortunately, within two months after the surgery, Pawar became pregnant for the fourth time. "I was happy but tensed as I did not know if this baby would survive. However, by God's grace, my baby saw the world today," said Pawar, adding that even though her doctor wasn't well, he made it a point to deliver the baby yesterday. "She will always be number one for us," said Pawar's husband Nitin.

11/11 mania
Meanwhile, gynaecologists had a tough day as they were inundated with requests to deliver children on November 11. Dr Kiran Coelho told MiD DAY that she had over six requests for deliveries.  "Though there were many requests, we only accepted those patients who had to go for a C-section."

Eye opener
And while many celebrated newborns and marriages, 80-year-old Malavji Rao, a resident of Kandivli too celebrated as his vision was returned to him on 11/11. Rao, had lost his vision three years back but yesterday he underwent an optical ceratoplasty, allowing him to see the world.

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